Cooking well doesn't mean cooking fancy. 

-Julia Child


Making dinner shouldn't be a hassle.

We help you save time for the more important things in life (like your family, friends...and let's be real, Netflix).

Eat: The Workshop


Come together with friends and family for a guided workshop. Learn how to put together meals that are not only delicious, but easy to prepare! All you have to do is show up with your groceries and an appetite.

Good food awaits, Oklahoma!




1. Get your favorite people together.

2. Choose a Host, date, and time.

3. Reach out to us & we'll take it from there!

After your Workshop's date and time are confirmed, each member of your group will receive an invoice for the $45 Workshop fee.


I'm really excited to meet you.

Des Di Genio Beckman - the gal behind Eat: The Workshop

I grew up 10 minutes outside of Manhattan, part of a big Italian and Latin American family. My Dad, a professional boxer and fantastic cook, taught me early on how to not only appreciate good food but how to put meals together without feeling overwhelmed. My love for cooking grew even more so when I was diagnosed with multiple food allergies and digestive issues. I realized how important it was to not only put good whole foods into our bodies, but that doing so didn't mean sacrificing taste. When I'm not calling my Dad or Nonna for advice on recipes or researching how to make exciting new gluten free goodies (yes, they DO exist!), you can find me chasing after my one year old daughter, Gemma, or exploring Oklahoma City with my sweet husband, Lee.